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In the not so distant future every city developed great IoT network. Those devices became the target of hacker attacks. You are the man that can stand against them.

Enter the simulation of the future City of Rzeszow in VR, defend important buildings with your drone, don't let hack signal towers by controlling mirrors and keep the intersection safer.

The game was done in 24H on hackathon, and polished couple days after that.

You have all the controll needed!

How to play:

Game require VR Headset: HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

To win you have to stand for the 3 minutes and not lose all buildings of any type. Every building can be infected by the hacker and spread this infection on neibourgh points.


Towers sends signals, if one is hit by red signal it become infected, to heal it just send blue signals to it using Mirror Towers.  

Road Crossings

Road Crossings can infect nearby buildings in range, you can heal them by using one of the special blocks from your belt, but watch out, every lost tower equals one block less.


Big buildings are hard to hack so it takes time, to stop the hackers just send your drone above this building. To control the drone grab the controller on your belt. Now you can move it using analog input of your VR controller (touchpad on Vive and thumbstick on Oculus).

The only way to move around is to teleport yourself, just a press touchpad/thumbstick on your controller, point place where you want to go and release the button.

Have fun!


AntiHack.zip 48 MB

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